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Services Available

Please find below information relating to Intelligent Work Space's working practices which have been extensively utilised in London by companies such as: Conrad Advertising, Norman Broadbent International Ltd, Oxford University Press, The X-Stream Network, Leonard Hull International PLC, and BMP interaction, Gillamor Stephens, and Blinkhorns to name but a few.

I trust you will find the enclosed details, which are formulated to offer the most flexible and competitive service, to be of interest with regards to your future plans.

Generally speaking Intelligent Work Space is a Design and Build company which specialises in designing Office Interiors and supplying and installing all the products that go to make up the new environment, along with any necessary Project Management of specialists services which we do not directly manufacture or supply, such as Data and Telecom services, Removals, and other services etc.

This allows us to provide a genuine and competitive one-stop shop for complete office refurbishment.

1 Space Planning
Space Planning is carried out with the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD). This has proved to be the most cost effective method of working since, once the original building outline has been drawn, additional alterations, proposed or otherwise, can be carried out rapidly without necessitating the complete redrawing of every plan.
In addition, numerous copies can be produced indicating the various services separately, which can then be overlaid one level at a time i.e. lights, electrics, partitions, and furniture and these layers can then in turn be built up to produce a full picture. This allows us to supply detailed plans to individual specialists showing only the specific areas of their responsibility thus alleviating confusion where possible.

2. Office Furniture and partitioning
As a recognised specialist within the field of creative office interiors with contacts built up since 1985, we have partnership agreements with 90% of the suppliers of quality office furniture available in this country.
To this end, we are offered the best rates that can be obtained by any dealer and in turn these are passed on to our clients

3. Project Management of Services
Intelligent Work Space, with their vast knowledge of all the different aspects that go together to make up a total corporate design, build and relocation package, are able to co-ordinate special services that we do not supply directly and obtain the most advanced technology at a competitively negotiated prices from various specialist suppliers. We are constantly updated with all relevant industry advances and have a number of contacts that are able to provide detailed specialist information where necessary.
All other services i.e. electrical works, data installations, removals; telecommunications etc. are covered under our Project Management structure. Intelligent Work Space places all orders on behalf of our clients and all invoices are sent to our office and are checked prior to being passed on to the client for payment.

All these additional services are assessed for the time that they take prior to installation and the time required on site. This information is then co-ordinated into an overall programme of works, which allows us to ensure that completion dates are met.

Finally, this also allows us to ensure that budgets are also adhered to, and not exceeded unless approved or requested by the client. In this respect we have to date a 100% track record of achieving all relocation and or refurbishment deadlines.

4. Facility Management of completed project
This is carried out on an hourly basis just as any other professional consultation service. The manner in which we work is to become fully conversant with our client's method of operation and become a member of their team just like an employee; however, on a freelance basis.
We are, therefore, over a period of time able to fully understand the requirements of the organisation and ensure that their facility management requirements are tailored to suit their needs. In addition, we are able to forward project future plans for expansion or contraction, and to ensure that these are implemented on time and within budget.

As an organisation, Intelligent Work Space is committed to full service and maintenance of all office environments we have created and are committed to setting up an ongoing facility management package for the clients use after the project is completed. We ensure that all goods supplied are fully maintained and where appropriate a CDM Health & Safety file is provided on completion of the project.

5. Statutory Regulations
There are a number of statutory bodies that we have to deal with, in particular compliance with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations, where applicable is compulsory and an obligation of the client. Further applications may also have to be made to Local Authority Planners, Fire Officers, and English Heritage etc. These works are carried out within the general Facility Management and/or Project Management structure with a separate structure applicable to the CDM Regulations.